Zakynthos: 7 unusual things to do and see

unusual things to do and see in zakynthos

Every blog about Zakynthos will tell you about Xigia beach, the Blue Caves, and Shipwreck beach. I can’t deny that these places are beautiful, but their full of tourists as well. The island has so much more to offer. The more undiscovered beaches, authentic Greek restaurants full of local people, and cozy stores with handmade products. I’ll share my favorite and the more unusual things to do and see in Zakynthos.

Enjoy a beach day and fresh lunch at Fish Tavern Antonis

Dafni beach is a must-see in Zakynthos. Sea turtles will lay their eggs at this beach from April till September. Because of COVID 19, there are more eggs than last year which is a positive thing. Fish Tavern Antonis is run by a Greek family. They’re famous because of their fresh fish. Beside of the tasteful fish, we ate the best Zucchini balls of all Zakynthos here. A must-try if you ask me. For around 8 euros you can rent a bed at the beach and stay as long as you want.

Visit Port Limnionas in the early morning

To be honest, Port Limnionas is quite touristic, but it is too beautiful to skip during your stay at Zakynthos. Even the road to it is already worth the effort to go there. Narrow winding roads take you through the mountains with beautiful views along the cliffs and the sea. During your trip, you’ll pass two small mountain villages. Here you can have a coffee break between de locals, buy handmade and unique items at one of the local stores, and enjoy the wonderful view. If you want to visit Port Limnionas, I recommend going early in the morning. At this time it is not crowded with tourists yet. You can take a swim in the clear blue water and enjoy an iced coffee at one of the (then still empty) beach beds.

A natural clay mask at Porto Azzuro

Porto Azurro is one of my favorite beach clubs in Zakynthos. In the morning there is almost no one on the beach. The sand is almost white and the water is clear blue. The cliffs are full of natural clay, which can be used for a clay mask for your whole body. This natural masks stimulates your blood circulation and leaves you with soft skin. They also serve great food at Porto Azurro. The portions are really, and I mean really, big. You can easily share one dish with two or three persons.

Try authentic Greek food

When in Greece, you must try the authentic Greek food. Agnadi is by far my favorite restaurant when it comes to the Greek kitchen. We ate the best Greek food over here: grilled feta cheese, swordfish souvlaki, moussaka, grilled peppers, and my favorite dish, grilled aubergine. The staff is friendly, the wine and food are tasteful and affordable and you can enjoy a wonderful view of the ocean.

Pottery: a local store with handmade and unique items

If you want to buy something handmade and unique, go visit Pottery. They make pots (it’s all in the name), pans, plates, jewelry, and much more.

Enjoy a cocktail at The Garden

Zakynthos is full of cocktails bars, but The Garden is something different. When you enter this cocktail bar, it immediately feels like a cozy summer night in the most beautiful garden with your friends. The plants, the atmospheric light, the swings, and the view over an illuminated Zakynthos city makes this one of the nicest places in Zakynthos. Besides cocktails and wine, you can also have dinner over here. 

Have dinner at Porto Kali

Also one of my favorite restaurants: Porto Kali. You will almost walk past it as it is quite hidden behind large trees in a busy street. They paid much attention to their garden. The garden is full of plants, trees, mood lighting, and the coziest and most colorful interior. The food is a bit more expensive if you compare it to other Greek restaurants, but it’s also very tasteful and more special than you’ll find at any other restaurant in the neighborhood. Locals also like to come here, so make sure to book in advance.

It is best to rent a car or quad when you visit Zakynthos. If you want to see the more touristic places like Xigia beach, shipwreck beach, and the blue caves, I recommend to do a small road trip yourself and go early in the morning. If you go in the afternoon, it’s full of tourists which mainly come by boat. We went to Xigia beach in the early morning. There is a bigger beach and a smaller one. We went to the small one and we were almost the only ones. The road trip itself to Xigia beach and the blue caves is wonderful. You’ll drive through the mountains, small bumpy roads while you enjoy a wonderful view of the beaches, cliffs, and mountains.


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