The best-kept travel secrets of Cephalonia

The best-kept travel secrets of Cephalonia

The Greek island Cephalonia has it all: beautiful beaches, cozy small villages, the most beautiful nature, tasty restaurants and also really important, nice food. One big plus, it is not that touristic (yet). It is best to rent a car, so you can visit all the spots by yourself. We’ll share the best-kept secrets of Cephalonia with you.

Things to do in Cephalonia

It is best to explore Cephalonia by car since public transport is quite limited. If your book your trip via Kras or Elizawashere a rental car is included. One big plus: you can make stops everywhere to take photos of the beautiful nature.

The most beautiful beaches of Cephalonia

Cephalonia has a lot of choices if it comes to beaches. A couple of kilometers from Sami, you’ll find Antisamos beach. The trip through the mountains is already worth going. Antisamos beach has three beach clubs, where you can relax all day. The beds are free as long as you take something to drink or eat. But trust me, that’s exactly what you want. Don’t forget to dive into the clear blue water between the rocks.

They say Myrtos beach is the most beautiful beach in Cephalonia. From above, it is! You’ll find clear blue water with different colors, white sand and various cliffs. The beach itself is quite crowded. If you prefer a more quiet beach, you can bring a visit to Petani beach.

The nicest and coziest villages of Cephalonia

Cephalonia is not that big, so if you stay for a week you can (almost) visit all small villages. On the east coast, you’ll find Agia Efimia, a small fishers town. All the stores and restaurants are next to the sea. This means that you’ll always have a beautiful view during your lunch or dinner.

In the north of Cefalonia, you’ll find Fiskardo. Fiskardo has a beautiful harbor with a boulevard full of restaurants and small stores. I really loved this small town full of flowers, colored houses and trees. Fiskardo is the only place that survived the earthquake and where you can find old buildings.

Another town in the north is Asos. The trip towards Asos is even as beautiful as the town itself. The small is located between closed bays. You can snorkel quite well because the water is bright blue. Other beautiful villages to visit are Argostoli (the capital of Cephalonia), Lassi and Lixouri.

Don’t leave Cephalonia without visiting the Mellasani cave

The Mellesani cave is one of the most touristic places to visit, but definitely worth going. The cave has an underground lake and a 200m2 opening in the roof. Because of the sun, the water gets a clear blue color. For 7 euro’s you’ll get access to the cave which you’ll explore by boat for 15 minutes. It is best to come between 11 am and 2 pm when the sun is on it’s highest and gives the most beautiful view in the cave. The Mellesani cave is like 15 minutes away from Sami, so you can combine those two.

Places to eat in Cephalonia

In my opinion, Greek food is amazing. In almost every restaurant in Cephalonia, you can order roasted feta, fresh tzatziki and homemade wine. The food and drinks are affordable and delicious. Don’t forget to order some fresh fish. These are my favorite restaurants in Cephalonia:

Taverna Agripidos in Poros
A family owns this restaurant and everything is homemade. Affordable prices, the most excellent vegetables I ever had in Cephalonia and a great sea view.

Apagio in Fiskardo
Also in this restaurant, you can have lunch or dinner with a great view. The staff is hospitable and the portions are big. Bonus tip: order salmon or tuna tartar with a glass of white wine.


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