The best hotspots, restaurants, and rooftop bars in Panama City

hotspots, restaurants, coffee bars and rooftop bars in Panama city

Panama’s diverse cuisine is an exciting melting pot of cultures and influences. Whether you want to grab a cup of coffee, enjoy your dinner at a rooftop bar or sit down for a lunch in the garden of the many lunch hotspots, Panama City has it all. We explore and profile Panama City’s best hotspots, restaurants, and rooftop bars. 

Coffee bars in Panama City

A steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee is certainly the best way to start your day. Coffee is not cheap in Panama and it’s quite hard to find a good coffee bar, but some are totally worth the money.

UNIDO Coffee Roasters
UNIDO has several locations in Panama where they serving delicious coffee. You can also get a cup of the famous Geisha coffee. The coffee bar has a beautiful interior, with nice seats and sofas where you can enjoy your cup of coffee.

KOTOWA coffee house
No time to sit down but looking for a place for a good coffee on the go? KOTOWA is the place to go. They serve different types of coffee and sell various coffee beans to enjoy their coffee at home.

Benissimo | Gelato & Caffee
A cozy hotspot in Casco Viejo where you can order ice cream as well as coffee. Ideal for cooling off after a walk in the Caso Viejo during the hot weather. Especially the iced coffee is delicious.

Lunch hotspots in Panama City

Panama is full of small places where the locals settle down for lunch during their break. In addition, there are various hotspots with delicious sandwiches and dishes. I have listed the best lunch hotspots.

Panaderia y Dulceria Symphony
Panaderia y Dulceria Symphony is a bakery where many locals come to have lunch. You can choose from a complete buffet with different types of meat, fish, and vegetables. For less than 5 dollars you have a plate full of food. They also sell various cakes and sweets. For less than 2 dollars you have a huge (yes, huge!) piece of carrot cake.

Todo Avocado
It’s all in the name, all the dishes here are made from avocado. I was there at the end of November when the business was just open for a week. It is a small and cozy and attractive place, where they serve delicious food that looks like true art. Todo Avocado will soon open in Madrid as well.

El Jardin Vegetariana
A vegetarian Chinese takeaway. Here you get the tastiest, more fresh and healthy Chinese dishes. For less than 5 dollars you have a complete meal.

Mahalo is located in the heart of Casco Viejo and created by two Canadian sisters. They serve fresh-pressed juices, delicious food with many vegan and vegetarian options and they’re famous or their Sunday brunch.

The best restaurants in Panama City

Panama has a rich history where many different cultures come together which are reflected in different food and drink concepts. Empty properties are used as pop-up locations for Mexican and Caribbean food trucks and Old buildings have been restored to serve as original restaurant locations.

Caffe Per Due
Run by Italians, this restaurant has won the prize for the best pizzeria in all of Panama. Per Due also offers pasta and salads as well as delicious homemade desserts. Enjoy a pizza with fresh and homemade ingredients and a glass of wine.

The Raj
The best Indian restaurant I’ve ever been to. I came here twice while I was in Panama. The Raj serves the most delicious dishes from the north and south of India.

Tantalo is a hotel, with a rooftop bar and a restaurant. The chefs bring his global experience to the menu, using flavors from around the world and combine this with local dishes. And after your meal, you can enjoy the view with a cocktail at the rooftop bar.

The best rooftop bars in Panama City

You have several rooftop bars in Panama city that all give you a magnificent view of the city skyline.

A rooftop bar located in Casco Viejo. At Lazotea you can enjoy delicious food with an incredible view on the skyline of Panama City. Their motto: eating is necessary, but cooking is like real art. And trust me, you’ll taste it.

Selina Hostel
Selina has hostels all over the world. The one in Casco Viejo has a great rooftop bar as well. Enjoy your beer, the view and the company of other travelers around you.

Gatto Blanco
Gatto Blanco is a party hotel. The rooftop bar is open every day and organize many events during the year.

Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis
The rooftop bar from the Hard Rock Hotel is located on the 62nd floor. From the hottest live music to the most exclusive themed parties in town, the world is at your fingertips when you enjoy the view over here.

The best bars in Panama City

Besides rooftop bars, Panama City has a lot of bars where you can enjoy a glass of wine, local beers, local rum or some cocktails.

Blue Moon TapHouse
A cozy bar for a drink with friends. They serve different types of wine, beer and you can go there for a beer tasting where you will taste various beers from all over the world.

Pedro Mandinga Rum Bar
The first dedicated rum bar in Casco Viejo. Pedro Mandinga offers a laid-back Caribbean vibe, an extensive rum-based cocktail menu, and a six-hour-long happy hour. At least try a glass of Abuelo, the local rum of Panama.

La Rana Dorada
A brewery with multiple locations where you can go for drinks and bites. They serve their own brewed beer, some delicious wines, and cocktails.

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