Scarabeo Camp: a treasure in the stone desert

Ilse de Roo - Scarabeo Camp - Best-kept travel secrets

The moment you arrive at Scarabeo Camp and you see the beautiful surroundings, the thought of being on a movie set will definitely cross your mind. Maybe it will hit you when you are staring at the flowing ceiling of your tent or later on when you follow the mesmerizing path of candles to the dinner table. At some point, you will feel that this campsite in the stone desert is not your typical campsite. 

When you drive to the desert from Marrakech you will see lot’s and lot’s of sandy roads and then out of nowhere a small village of white tents appears in the middle of Agafays stone desert. You will be welcomed in the most wonderful manner by amazing people and they give you a tour around the campsite and offer you some mint tea.


The interior of the bright white tents is a mix between design and safari, with natural fabrics in neutral color, Berber rugs, typical Moroccan accessories and vintage finds that seem to come straight out of the treasure of a world explorer. There are plenty of spacious, but cosy seating areas. You can tell that there was a lot of eye for detail whilst decorating. Snoop around and you will  find antique binoculars, globes and some old school games.

A two-night stay at Scarabeo Camp is the perfect little getaway combined with a trip to Marrakech. Relax with a book and the gorgeous backdrop of the desert, take a nap with only the sound of a the wind blowing through the tents or soak in the sunbeams on one of the sunbeds. Walk around, take in the amazing views and end the day at the campfire with a game of Pétanque.


During lunch and dinner the whole table is filled with small dishes. It transforms the place into a beautiful art piece that is definitely insta-worthy. Dig in and taste all the different flavors.  Homemade Falafel, roasted cauliflower, sweet mashed pumpkin, braised fennel, stewed quince, roasted turkey skewers and freshly baked bread, name it and they have it. All dishes are prepared in Marrakech and finished on the spot in the camp. After dinner it’s time for tea and something sweet like an almond tart with strawberries or sliced oranges with cinnamon and rose water drops. A dessert while overlooking the desert.

All people working on and around the campsite are lovely people and will make everyone feel part of the Scarabeo family. Their energetic and caring attitude made the trip truly unforgettable.


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