Lisbon: a collection of wine and cocktail bars

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You’ll find beer and standard wine in pretty much every Lisbon bar at affordable prices. But sometimes you want something different, maybe a cocktail, a glass of ginjinha; the delicious local liqueur, or a fine wine with a story. Whatever you fancy, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best bars for wine and cocktails in Lisbon.

By The Wine

This wine bar is created by the famous wine producer José Maria da Fonseca (JMF). This company has been making wines for almost 200 years. You can enjoy all the JMF’s wines in this place. The bar looks like a wine cellar and the arched ceilings are covered with a stunning display of 3200 bottles.

Cinco Lounge

The UK born, Dave Palenthorne, went to Lisbon a couple of years ago to change the city’s cocktail scene. Which was not even a scene at the time. The Cinco Lounge is still in the forefront of the local cocktail culture and it is a true temple for connoisseurs and enthusiasts.


This Tea Cocktail Bar offers two different concepts: a modern tearoom during the day and a cocktail bar at night. All cocktails blend alcohol and tea, giving the drinks a new layer of tastes and aromas that is sure to entice the senses.

Chafariz Do Vinho

Owned by one of Portugal’s leading wine journalists, João Paulo Martins, this wine bar is an amazing place. Not just because the wine quality and the tapas selection, but also because of the stunning location. This bar is located inside an old water cistern that supplied the neighbourhood with fresh water.

Red Frog

This cocktail bar is based on the American speakeasies of the 1920s. To stay in this theme, there is a secret room that can be accessed by pushing a wall. The cocktail list has been made up by Marian Beke, who owns, in my opinion, one of the best bars in the world: The Nightjar in London.

Garrafeira Alfaia

Located in the heart of Bairro Alto, one of my favorite areas in Lisbon, Alfaia is a great place to discover the variety and quality of Portuguese wines while tasting some delicious tapas. This wine bar is famous for the friendly owner Pedro Marques who is always present to suggest a surprising wine.


This bar is worth a visit if only for the location on the riverside near Cais do Sodré. During the day you can enjoy the outdoor terrace overlooking the river and choose from a lot of different kind of wines and cocktails. If you feel like it, go next door to Station, this is one of the best clubs in town.

Matiz Pombalina

On the ground floor of an 18th century building in the posh residential area of Lapa you’ll find this baroque-style furnished bar. It is true to the feel of days gone by, with old tile panels and the sound of blues, soul, bossa nova and jazz playing softly in the background.


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