6 hidden treasures of the Seychelles

Ilse de Roo - Seychellen - Best-kept travel secrets

The Seychelles are most definite a true paradise on earth. There are some amazing things to do on the islands, some beautiful things to see and some delicious places to eat. To show some of the unknown gems of the Seychelles, we are going to share 6 of the best-kept secrets of the islands.

I was in the Seychelles in 2017 and I fell in love with the island as soon as I landed. The reason why I fell in love was because of the amazing natural beauty, the laid-back, island living, the family social scene and the warm welcome I received. I spend my time with the locals and they showed me some amazing things.

The beauty called: Police Bay

Do you fancy some adventure? Take a drive down to Police Bay, right in the south of Mahé. It is quite a long ride, but it is worth it. The journey to Police Bay is exciting! The road winds in and out of dense forest. Drive on up the big hill past the turning for Anse Intendance, then you go back down again. Keep going past the little houses and you are there. The ocean can be wild, so it’s not a great beach for swimming, but it is such a beautiful spot. 

The Mangrove Forest

Maybe you know the Vallee de Mai or Fond Ferdinand, these are definitely areas you need to visit if you are in the Seychelles. But did you know there is also an amazing mangrove forest? The mangrove forest at Port Launay is considered the best example of a healthy mangrove, and.. you can find all the seven species of mangrove, offering a unique environment for the spawning, nursery and feeding of many endemic fish species as well as nesting for birds and the endangered Sheath-tailed Bat.

The ‘not so secret beach’ Anse Source d’Argent

Looking for the most beautiful beach in the world? Then you should go to the Anse Source d’Argent beach on the island of La Digué. This beach is not really a secret, but you can’t go to the Seychelles without spending some time here. But there is a secret about this beach, and that is: good timing! It is best visited in the early morning before the daytrippers from Mahé and Praslin arrive. Another secret is that the beach extends past the first set of rocks. Not many people know this! Carry on along the beach to the south, either walking through the shallow waters or taking the path along the back of the beach and you will reach a much larger bay. There are many spots between rocks which you can make your own private beach!

Marie Antoinette Restaurant, a true local secret

Located in the heart of the capital, Victoria, lies a local secret, the Marie Antoinette Restaurant. This is one of the best places on Mahé to enjoy authentic and delicious Seychellois food prepared in a traditional way using all local organic ingredients.

From parrotfish and tuna steak to pumpkin chutney and aubergine fritters. The restaurant is set in an old colonial wooden house unchanged for nearly 100 years, the building itself has been declared a national monument. But dining here is less about sightseeing and more about eating good Seychellois food while soaking up the lively Creole atmosphere.

Waterfall at Port Glaud hidden in a tropical paradise

Signposted from the beach at Port Launay, adjacent to Constance Ephélia Mahé, this stunning waterfall is about a 1km walk from the main road. Set in the heart of the dense jungle, the waterfall tumbles into a clear, freshwater pool perfect for a swimming! After a refreshing dip you can lie back on warm granite rocks and breathe in the scents, sounds and sights of this leafy, tropical paradise.

Enjoy a local meal at Les Rochers Restaurant

Les Rochers is one of the hidden gems of Praslin island. It has no website, not even a Facebook page, tourist pass it by without even knowing it’s there, but it’s so good, it doesn’t have to be advertised! The restaurant was built using traditional methods, it’s made out of stone with a thatched roof and looks fantastic. The menu is mostly made up of fresh local fish and seafood served in a variety of local dishes. The atmosphere is always amazing, and the setting really is beautiful. Located on the coast road, it is a little out of the way. You’ll probably need a car or taxi from wherever you are staying on Praslin. But it is totally worth the trip though, so don’t miss out.


Hi there, my name is Ilse and I’m a travel enthusiast. When I travel to a destination, I like to explore the non-tourists areas and stumble upon hidden places and unknown gems. Follow my personal Instagram for more about me: @ilse.roo

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