A collection of bars, cafés and restaurants in Porto

bars, restaurants, cafes in porto

Discovering hidden places is something we all desire when we travel to a new city. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old building or even a sketchy place on a dark street, the goal is to discover those unique spots that you will never forget.

We consider Porto a small paradise for the wine lover and food enthusiast. It’s perfect for the slow traveler and hidden gems seeker. Here are some suggestions of (hidden) bars, cafés and restaurants in Porto.

Combi Coffee

If artisanal coffee is your cup of tea, or should we say ‘coffee’, Combi is the place to go. Combi is a pioneer of the Portuguese artisanal coffee culture. Everything started 4 years ago with a dream to serve good coffee in remote places. At the beginning of their coffee journey, they only had a coffee truck, but now they also have a set location 10 minutes away from São Bento train station.

Época Porto

Owners Liliana and Tiago were inspired by the local coffee culture while living in Scandinavia. This is why their coffee shop in this creative neighbourhood has such a minimal Nordic aesthetic. The menu here is vegetarian, locally sourced and mostly organic. The perfect place to enjoy a relaxing coffee while browsing in cool indie magazines.

Fábrica Coffee Roasters

Fábrica Coffee Roasters is a cool artisan coffee shop with an inviting garden. They roast their own 100% arabica beans from countries like Brazil, Ethiopia and Colombia, which means that you can also take home your favourite variety. If you are a slow coffee type of person, they also do AeroPress, V60, Kalita and Chemex.

Prova Wine & Food

This wine bar is a cozy lounge where you can taste different wines from all over Portugal including Port wine. We like this bar for its comfortable lounge, the personal touch and recommendations, and the super-friendly people. Just hop in here, have a wine of your choice, and continue exploring.

Wine Quay Bar

Wine Quay Bar is a sweet little gem, near the Douro river, with a spectacular view. This wine bar is the best place to start understanding what the Portuguese “petiscos” are and what the verb “petiscar” means for locals.
There is nothing better than wine and nibbling some cheeses and chorizos, while you enjoy the best view of Porto! Just sit there, order a glass of wine and enjoy! That’s what locals would do!

Tia Tia

The wine bar Tia Tia serves modern locally sourced food, natural wines, and records. A winning combination. Their staff firmly believe that people who like to eat, drink and listen to records are always the sexiest. Who can blame them? A must-stop for any food traveler wandering through Porto.

Zenith Brunch and Cocktail

Every city has that one spot where you can get breakfast all day long. In Porto, that spot is “Zenith.” After all, who decided that there was a specific window of time? Their amazing breakfast offer spans your classic avocado-over-salmon toast, to the unique and decadent Oreo pancakes. If you come here a little bit later in the day, you should definitely try the cocktails. Zenith is the perfect combination of café, bar and restaurant.


Tânia Durão is a visionary Portuguese chef. Her restaurant’s imaginative tasting menu brings you an explosion of flavors, textures and colors. Fish and seafood rule here but every dish can be adapted for vegetarians. If you are looking for a fine dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere, this is it.

Livraria da Baixa

Have you ever wondered what a combination of a 1920’s bookstore and café/bar would look like? In Porto, you can experience this mix. Livraria da Baixa is a bookstore where books go hand in hand with drinks, ‘petiscos’ and music. The relaxing and charming atmosphere is a result of the mixture of the ancient furniture and the experience of reading a book and sipping a drink simultaneously. This spot also happens to be in the trendiest neighbourhood in the town.

Rota do Chá

Right in the heart of Porto’s art district there’s a place where you can hide from the busy crowd and relax in a beautiful green chill-out garden, where the laid-back vibes guarantee the best tea experience in Porto – Rota do Chá! Choose from a wide, wide variety of teas while enjoying the beautiful interior,  inspired by Indian design which creates a calming environment.

Boa Nova Teahouse

This lovely restaurant was built on the rocks just a few meters from the sea. It’s located a bit outside of Porto, making it perfect for a little get away after you’ve already explored everything that the city has to offer. It has capacity for 40 people maximum and offers exquisitely fresh fish and seafood.

Bar Ponte Pênsil

What could be better than enjoying a tasty cocktail next to the Luíz I bridge? Bar Ponte Pênsil is a perfect spot for a sunset at Ribeira. Even during the day the view of the Douro river is magnificent. Besides cocktails, you can try tasty snacks or different non-alcoholic drinks.


MISTU is one of the coolest restaurants in town and you can expect a surprising menu every time. The chefs are inspired by international cuisines: the menu brings together exotic fusions, influenced by flavors from Asia and South America with a dash of Portugal. The interior is quite modern, but at the same time very cozy. Also for the interior, the inspiration came from all over the world.

Bop Cafe

Bop is a great addition to Porto’s small but growing specialty coffee scene. Not only is the coffee special – the entire cafe’s concept is, too. The coffee bar has a collection of more than 2,000 records and you can listen to all of them in the cafe on a record player with headphones. As soon as dusk falls, this place offers good cocktails as well.


Hi there, my name is Ilse and I’m a travel enthusiast. When I travel to a destination, I like to explore the non-tourists areas and stumble upon hidden places and unknown gems. Follow my personal Instagram for more about me: @ilse.roo

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